The Nut Nook Gluten Free Nuts

Nuts are a perfect snack food! And, our nutty snacks are always fresh, gluten free, and low in sugar.

Since 2007, the Nut Nook has offered nutritious assortments of delicious, healthy snacks for kids and adults. Our specialties include: cinnamon glazed roasted pecans, almonds, and cashews.

We’re committed to quality products and customer satisfaction—we love making people happy! Our products are fresh, gluten free, and low in sugar. We also offer a line of sugar-free products. This makes our nutty snacks the perfect snack food for kids and people on gluten free diets or sugar free diets.

How the Nut Nook was Born

After working in sales for many years, I became inspired to branch out and start a business around one of my many loves—FOOD!   AND, since I am a little nutty anyway, I thought I’d go all the way and start a nut business.

I began my business by buying a cart in a mall and working seven days a week in a local mall. I was thrilled to see that customers loved my product and kept coming back for more. My customers were great teachers—they taught me a lot about what makes people happy. I learned that people wanted gift items, especially over the holidays, and I began to refine my recipes according to my customers taste. After my first holiday season, I created a line of beautifully packaged gifts and refined my recipes based on customer feedback.

Soon, a gypsy spirit came over me, and I flew out of the mall and started traveling to different shows and festivals. I now sell primarily at military bases and hospitals as a temporary vendor and fundraiser.

We are based in beautiful Asheville, NC, and I happily travel to regional events and sell our wonderful cinnamon glazed roasted pecans, almonds, and cashews both online and at venues.

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